Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Blessings

Typical days for us this month looked like this:
5:30 AM wake-up(yes, I do get up too)
6:00 AM take Brandon to work
7:30 PM Pick Brandon up hoping he will actually be getting of work.

What did I do when Brandon has been working?
Updating my resume, random errands, figuring out what I will make for dinner, working out, spending time with God. I have been filling out lots of paperwork to sub at the elem. school down the street. It is very odd not going beginning school like everyone else. I am not sure if I like it or not. When I see teacher getting their rooms ready for the year I am a bit envious.

On August 24, Brandon left for WLC that will last four weeks and after that he will be on the field for three more weeks. We were told he would be home October 9th, but now it is looking like the 15th. We are spendning seven weeks apart. Sigh. I thank God for sustaining me so far and giving me the right attitude with this seperation. We do not like it, but it is the way things are going to be for now. Brandon is able to call me each night so that helps a lot.

Before Brandon left for WLC we celebrated my birthday. For my celebration we had breakfast at a cafe in downtown Wiesbaden, I was given flowers, Brandon made me a cake and we had dinner at a local Thai restauraunt. Brandon planned everything himself. I love this man so much!!!

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