Friday, December 25, 2009


Brandon came home October 15th from being away for eight weeks of training. It was awesome having him home again. I missed him so much!!! His time at home was short as we were getting ready to go to the States for his Block Leave. Brandon and I spent the later part of October and beginning of November in the States. The first week was in California visiting Jana's family and the second week was in Ohio with Brandon's family. The purpose of the trip was for Brandon's Block Leave. He gets 2 weeks off before deployment to spend time with family and friends.

In California, we stayed with my brother Aaron and his family. We got a few days to play with my nephews Jonah and Zachary. I(Jana) had some great girl time with Jeanette while Brandon got to play some football with Aaron. The rest of the week was with Jana's parents. We made day trips to Yosemite and Pismo Beach. It was awesome to spend time with the 'rents.

We flew from California to Ohio on Halloween. We were disappointed with the lack of costumes in the airports. We made it to his parent's house in Toledo around 2am. The next day his parents were having an Open House for us. It was a blessing to meet and visit with guests that could not make it to our wedding back in June. We also got to celebrate with his parents on their 30th Wedding Anniversary. What a milestone!! We went to dinner as a family to celebrate this joyous occasion. The rest of the week we relaxed and caught up with his parents. Melissa, Brandon's sister, is working and going to school full-time. She took Friday off to be with us and we went to Columbus for the day.

Brandon and I are blessed with the families God has given us. I know the time we have with them is never enough, but we could not live the military life without their encouragement, support and love. Thanks, Mom & Dad P. and Mom & Dad Y.!!! We love you!!!!