Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Blessings

Typical days for us this month looked like this:
5:30 AM wake-up(yes, I do get up too)
6:00 AM take Brandon to work
7:30 PM Pick Brandon up hoping he will actually be getting of work.

What did I do when Brandon has been working?
Updating my resume, random errands, figuring out what I will make for dinner, working out, spending time with God. I have been filling out lots of paperwork to sub at the elem. school down the street. It is very odd not going beginning school like everyone else. I am not sure if I like it or not. When I see teacher getting their rooms ready for the year I am a bit envious.

On August 24, Brandon left for WLC that will last four weeks and after that he will be on the field for three more weeks. We were told he would be home October 9th, but now it is looking like the 15th. We are spendning seven weeks apart. Sigh. I thank God for sustaining me so far and giving me the right attitude with this seperation. We do not like it, but it is the way things are going to be for now. Brandon is able to call me each night so that helps a lot.

Before Brandon left for WLC we celebrated my birthday. For my celebration we had breakfast at a cafe in downtown Wiesbaden, I was given flowers, Brandon made me a cake and we had dinner at a local Thai restauraunt. Brandon planned everything himself. I love this man so much!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodbye Pot and Pan, Hello Calphalon

Our first shipment came today. No more pot and pan, only pans! Our shipment came at 8:30 and I spent the rest of the day unpacking. Christmas in August with all our wedding presents. Brandon was at work all day until seven this evening, so I had to unpack alone. The loneliness only lasted a bit with the comfort of having a few of our things. The rest of our things will be here two weeks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Government Issued Housing: 10 Texastrasse Apt. 3

This past month has flown by and where do I start? I have up uploaded some pics of our crib or otherwise known as Government Issued Housing. We live in Hannierberg Housing about ten minutes from Army Garrison Airfield (aka Brandon's place of work, post, Jana's Fitness Facility). We are just down the street from the Commisary and PX.

Here is a pic of our apartment. We live on the the second floor to the left.

A typical day for us? We really do not have a set schedule. The first week I was here, Brandon would get up at 5:40, go to PT, come home at 7:45, eat breakfast and leave for work. I was blessed in having him come home each day for lunch. After lunch, he would go back to work, formation at 4:45 and home by 5:00. Pick me up to go workout at the fitness facility. Come home, eat dinner, go to sleep. Pretty sweet schedule? Lasted a week.

The following three weeks Brandon started working till 7:00 and the 9 or 10 a few nights a week. He found out last minute he would be working Saturdays. I would love to share with you what he has been doing at work, but I can not.

I have been keeping myself busy doing random things. Study for my German drivers license, walk Bailey, workout, finding my way around post and cooking. I have applied at the local elementary school to substitute teach when school begins. I find myself going through the motions adjusting to this new lifestyle. This is my first time being exposed to the Army life and all it entails. The best part of my life is being with Brandon. It has been very lonely, as I am use to having a social life right away. This has given me a lot of time to talk to God and listen to many Podcasts on my Ipod. I cherish the time I do have with Brandon, because time together will be changing in the months to come.

Brandon leaves for his WLC class August 25. He will be there for a month and then straight to the Field for a few weeks. He will be gone about seven weeks. I will get to see him on the last day of his WLC for his graduation. Please keep us both in your prayers in the short time we have together.

On Wednesday, our first shipment will be arriving. Primarily our wedding gifts, dishes, bakeware, towels, etc. I am so excited!!!!!

When I first came to our apartment, Brandon referred to the second bedroom as "his room". This lasted a few days.